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I made this recipe this morning for my 2 children and they loved it. For years I have been attempting to make my mothers and grandmothers recipe and I ALWAYS mess it up!! This one was very easy and tasted exactly the same! I didn't have cinnamon sticks but I just added 1 tsp of cinnamon powder and I also added 2 little boxes of raisins for the kids and was great!! Thank you so much.

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marie_arizola_12942115 August 11, 2011

I seem to have lost my copy of the arroz con leche recipe I always used to use, and I was just sure I wasn't going to find one as easy with as delicious of results as my old recipe. Luckily, I did! Thanks, SrtMaestra!

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the_cookie_lady August 07, 2013

Easy and delicious recipe.

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maricela1981 November 27, 2012

I just cant believe something this delicious and easy to make came out of my kitchen! I made it with splenda and put two 1" wide strips of orange zest into the water during the initial boil. My house smells heavenly, I can't wait for my hubby to try it. He is a lover of rice pudding, but move over kozy shack, mamas cooking from scratch!

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jackieliz June 30, 2011

I found this recipe about a month ago, made it and LOVED it! I forgot where I found the recipe, I just remembered you saying "I haven't made this myself yet." Here I am again, I found your recipe and I couldn't be happier!!! This was the absolute BEST rice pudding in the entire world! After searching the internet for the last hour it was well worth it! I will be printing this recipe out and saving it forever! Now to the kitchen I go...rice pudding is calling my name! Thanks soooo much! YUM!

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KristieKatz March 10, 2010

My boyfriend asked me a few days ago if I knew how to make rice pudding. Then he proceeds to tell me that his mom use to make rice pudding with cinnamon sticks on top and how much he loved it. So the hunt for recipes began. I stumbled across this recipe and I knew it was what he was describing to me. I have to admit that I thought it was going to be a lot more complicated to make, but it's not and it was amazing!! This will definitely be made again and again and again. Thanks for posting!

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Cutie Pie January 10, 2010

I have made this two times now and your method is a perfect way to cook the rice. The first time I used fat free half and half and vanilla soy milk and today I used a combination of 1 % milk and evaporated milk. I couldn't find my double boiler this morning but I will use it next time because I scorched the milk a bit this morning and I think that makes it taste kind of weird. I was trying to hurry it along and had the heat up just a tad bit too much. We still ate it though! This will go in my "Best of Zaar so Far" cookbook. KCShell

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KCShell October 14, 2008

I halved the recipe as Buddha does not like rice pudding (but I love it). I used equal amounts of 2% milk (that's what we keep/use on hand) and heavy cream. It turned out wonderful and creamy. Even Buddha said it was good for rice pudding. Most rice pudding recipes never seem to fully cook the rice, but this one does the job perfectly. I think it's due to this recipe using water to partially cook the rice first and then adding the milk to make it creamy. Thanks for posting, I'll definitely make this again. :)

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2Bleu October 06, 2008
Rice Atole (Mexican Rice Pudding/Arroz Con Leche)