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Hmmm, this recipe has been posted for over three years, and I'm the first reviewer. I'd say that it deserves a more descriptive title, for sure. That criticism aside, I have to say that this is a darned good recipe. I've made it a few times, since I had some basmati rice to use up. The taste is very good for such a simple, easy recipe. I'd never bought lentil soup before this. (The soup said "Lentil" only, but the ingredients list did mention some other vegetables too. And that can was a little larger than called for, at 10.75 oz). My palate's not advanced enough to tell whether basmati versus ordinary long-grain white rice really makes a difference here, though. I ate this as is for dinner, not as a side dish. I recommend this recipe!

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spooty3 May 18, 2009