Rib Eye Steaks With Grilled Peppers and Gorgonzola Butter

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Total Time
20 mins
10 mins

The Gorgonzola Butter adds a wonderful dimension to the steak.

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  1. Gorgonzola Butter: In a small bowl, beat together Gorgonzola, butter and marjoram. Season with pepper.
  2. Combine oil, garlic and marjoram in zip lock plastic bag. Place steaks and peppers in marinade. Turn to coat. Let stand 2 hours at room temperature or overnight in fridge.
  3. Heat barbecue to medium high. Place steaks and peppers on grill. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Grill steaks 5 minutes per side for medium rare.
  4. Grill peppers until tender (10 minutes), turning occasionally.
  5. To serve: Top each steaks with a small pat of Gorgonzola Butter. Any remaining butter can be frozen for another time or used on steamed veggies.
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Just a comment on the gorgonzala butter...this is really good with feta or bleu cheese as well (I don't use the marjoram, usually fresh basil). Any time I grill a steak, I mix this up as a condiment and it is always a hit...