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I can't believe I actualy cooked steak! My hubby told me not to try to cook them, he would put them on the grill. But he laid down to take a nap, and I did them. They turned out just perfect. He said they were, and he is picky. LOL When he woke up he thought the house was on fire, it was so smokey. He also thought it was morning, he had slept so hard. thought I had cooked steak for breakfast. The steaks were great. I will be doing them all from now on. LOL

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sissy sue January 03, 2011

I loved this recipe and found that the beef was juicy and didnt taste salty at all. i used a cast iron grill pan, which meant that the steak wasnt the salt all over, yet the salt didnt melt but acted like mini lava rocks. I used rather large coarse sea salt. Thanks for the recipe.

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Wild Thyme Flour July 29, 2009

My grandmother use to make steaks this way and I had forgotten about doing it this way until last night. As far as I'm concerned, this is the only way to do a rib eye. The steak was so full of flavor and so juicy. Make sure to open the doors and turn on the fans because it will fill the house with smoke, but oh so worth it. (My hood fan needed to be cleaned anyway!) My grandmother wasn't a great cook but she sure knew how to cook a steak! Thanks for posting this recipe, the memories and the great dinner! SECOND TIME: This time I fired up the gas bbq and placed my cast iron skillet on the grill. When the pan was hot, I sprinkled the salt on, waited a minute and threw the steaks on. All I can say is WOW WOW WOW!!! Cut into that steak and just rolled my eyes in delight. YES! It won't matter if it's pouring rain out the next time we want steak. We'll just fire up that bbq! Thank you again, Uncle Bill.

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Chattes July 05, 2008

Wonderful! I made my steak exactly as directed with lots of pepper, granulated garlic, and kosher salt. I rarely salt anything, but this was truly fantastic. I didn't brush any of the seasoning off and it was perfect - seared on the outside and juicy on the inside. Thanks Uncle Bill for a great keeper. Made for Alphabet Soup Tag.

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lazyme August 11, 2009

Superb. I am sorry about some bad reviews this recipe got. The steak was tender and full of flavour. It didnt taste too salty at all. The grill HAS to be smoking hot and so does the salt, that way the grill pan or skillet will dry up any liquid coming out of the steak preventing the salt from dissolving completely and ending up coating the meat. When I finished cooking my steak there was still most of the salt on the bottom of the pan. I hope this helps.

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sparkling tealeaves August 18, 2008

I absolutely loved the flavor and ease of this method, but my husband has forbidden me from using it ever again in the house because we set off all the fire alarms both times I made it!! The house gets incredibly smoky, but boy do the steaks taste good! We'll make this again once we get a house with a yard where we can use a grill outdoors. :)

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princessbride029 April 14, 2009

I suppose, somewhere in the shady, forgotten past, I "may" have had a better steak, but then, I'm not sure I believe in reincarnation. One of the best tasting "things", period, I ever put into my mouth. So good, you know instinctively it has to be a little bit bad for you, and yet not care one whit. Gonna make it again, today, thanks to the chef for sharing.

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rodney h. July 01, 2012

Outstanding Steak Recipe! Used McCormick's Montreal Steak liberally instead of granulated garlic and pepper. Should have lightened up on it because of the high salt content. Still it was the best indoor steak I have ever had. So good I would consider it instead of grilling on charcoal if time or weather needed it. Restaurant quality. We have very finicky smoke alarms and they only went off once toward the very end of cooking. Loved it!

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The Portugarians December 29, 2011

I love the method! I followed the directions and after letting the steaks rest, it was too rare. I needed to throw the steaks back onto the heat for another 4 minutes or so. (Note - we do like our steaks medium rare. Ours came out rare rare with this timing.) I'm not sure why the timing didn't work for us, since it seems to have worked perfectly for others. That said, we loved the salt technique, cooking in an iron skillet and the pepper/garlic combo. Delish!

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LifeIsGood December 15, 2011

Great! Because of the smoke reviews I put my cast iron skillet on the grill. For those of you who think the steak is too salty how about only putting the salt down after the first side is cooked? Just take the steaks off after the first side is done and then add the salt before flipping them. I can't wait to try this other steaks, too!

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cgmonster July 12, 2011
Rib-Eye Steaks That are Superb