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I'd have to say that this was probably my favorite of all the RSC#12 recipes I have tried. We love steak so this was definitely one that I had to make. The sauce was delicious. Now the potatoes - they are to die for! This is a great all-around meal and one I will definitely be making again. Good luck in the contest!

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Lainey6605 August 24, 2008

Like Mama said, If there was only going to be one recipe that I tried or the contest, this was going to be it. I made it the first week for my hubby and myself for our romantic dinner without the kids. The thing that held me back from being in love with the sauce was probably the coffee. (an otherwise lovely blending of flavors) However, that was what my husband loved in the sauce. He gave it five stars and he delivers that rating so infrequently that I felt obligated to go with his rating over my four star. I can't help but wonder if the preserves was a necessary part of the recipe. That felt a little forced in but to make a savory dish for this contest, I think you would be hard pressed to avoid that. This was creative without being weird. It's a meal we would make again, no problem. The mashed potatoes were divine and went very well with the steak. All of the ingredient amounts and directions were spot on for preparation. Whoever you are, I'd sure like to see you choosing the contest's next set of ingredients!

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Kitchen Witch Steph August 24, 2008

Very nice! When the RSC list was revealed I was worried it would be all desserts so I was thrilled when I found a few main dish recipes among all the sweets. This dish did not disappoint in the flavor department. The sauce really made this meal and married fantastically with the grilled steak. I do not eat red meat but made the steak for dh who loved it as well. I used my portion of the sauce to top a grilled chicken breast and I thought it was terrific. The potatoes are of course a no brainer with steak but to add the mascarpone was new for us and a fantastic addition. I will definitely be making them that way again. Maybe next time with some garlic? mmmm The sauce was fast and easy- of course I used frozen cherries as the fresh were past their peak. That little bit of help made the sauce go even faster. Reduced perfectly in the time specified. This whole recipe looked time consuming and maybe difficult because of all the ingredients yet went remarkable quickly and easily.I only had time to submit one recipe and was required to make one, so I perused all of them and chose this one as "if I only have time to make one recipe this is the one!' recipe to make. Glad that I did. Best of luck chef!

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Mama's Kitchen (Hope) August 23, 2008

We rarely eat beef, so I am rating only the potatoes. They sounded just too awesome to pass up - and they were - and I don't give out 5 stars that easily! I would rename them truffle mashed potatoes instead of mascarpone potatoes though, since you could not specifically taste the mascarpone, but could really taste the truffle oil. They were so delicious and very addicting. I used only one tablespoon of Smart Balance and nonfat milk in these. The amount of potatoes served at least 4. Highly recommended!

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Maito August 22, 2008

My husband said it best...not blown away by the cherry sauce, but good enough to eat again. This would have been a 4 star if it wasn't such a hassle to cut those cherries. Also, it took about twice as long as stated for the sauce to reduce(about 40 minutes). The potatos were awesome and I will be making those again very soon.

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Chef Jean August 22, 2008

Steak, great. Potatoes, fabulous. Sauce...not my favorite. The sauce, to me, really over powered the meat and potatoes. Good luck :)

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Vicki in CT August 22, 2008
Rib Eye on a Bed of Mascarpone Potato Puree