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I *love* rhubarb as a legacy of my childhood, have a steady supply of it during the summer mo & esp like it combined w/strawberries - so your recipe was a natural for me. After some initial confusion about the recipe, here is what I worked out: The real recipe is for the base mix. The Pick-a-Fruit milkshake part of the recipe is just how you go about using the base mix to make milkshakes. All that said, I made our shakes using 1/2 cup of the base mix, 3/4 cup strawberries as suggested + 1/2 cup ice cream for ea shake (no milk). This mix made a creamy shake both DH & I thot was a real taste treat! Thx for sharing this recipe w/us. Edited to Add: My proportions made a thick shake. For a smoothie texture, milk will need to be used. :-)

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twissis July 04, 2007
Rhubarb Smoothies and Shakes