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I've made this a few times now and it is GREAT! I just finished making 2 batches to give to all the neighbors as Christmas gifts this year. I've used frozen rhubarb and it turns out great! Also, I skip the whole first step about refigerating it overnight, becaus once you thaw the frozen rhubarb, it is already soft. Wonderful flavor! One batch makes me 8 8oz. jars!

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sillyelmo December 17, 2005

This turned out wonderful and I'm not sure why - on my part. I used sugar free jello and Equal in place for sugar - trying to cut down on sugar. I just read that Aspartame breaks down when heated. It sat in the refrigerator for 2 days as the 1st day I didn't have enough rhubard. It has a rich red color and spreads like any jam. Other jello jams I've made clump together. I'll try it again with other flavors - maybe strawberry. Thanks for sharing. — May 27, 2005 updated July 12 I did this with sugar free strawberry and it is just as wonderful.

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Andrea in NH July 12, 2005

Not knowing what to do with an abundance of rhubarb this year I found this recipe and thought it sounded good....Boy was I wrong ...it wasn't just good, it's delicious.I will be adding it to my yearly jam making event.If you love rhubarb and raspberries this is the recipe to try!!!! I only other thing I did was as I was cooking the rhubarb down I mashed it with my potato masher to insure I didn't have any large chunks of rhubarb.This is easy and delish!!!! Thx for sharing!

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regina rose September 14, 2014

Wonderful! I used 8 c. rhubarb. Didn't bother resting overnight, just a couple hours on the counter with 3 cups sugar and 1 cup splenda. Also, I chopped the rhubarb very finely and ran about half through the blender. I did not have rasp. pie filling, so I used thawed frozen raspberries that I sieved to get rid of the nasty seeds, added about 3/4 c. sugar. I probably had about 3 cups of raspberry puree. I used only the 6 oz of jello and was afraid the batch wouldn't set, but this morning, it is perfect. The flavor is tart/sweet and the flavors of both fruits are evident. This is a keeper! Thanks!

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Linky June 09, 2010

If i could give this 100 stars I would. I LOVE this jam! I have made 4 batches of it in the past 2 weeks & only have about 9 jars left-I have been giving it to EVERYONE, it's delicious! The last 2 batches I used 8 cups of rhubarb & it still turned out fantastic. I love that it stays thick, not runny like a lot of other homemade rhubarb jam recipes. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!

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um-um-good June 03, 2009

Thanx for the great Jam! I made one batch each of rasp., straw., blue., and peach using the appropriate pie filling and jello and they all turned out amazing! thanx again!

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JuneDawg May 30, 2009

This is simply yummy! I made this last week and am still getting rave revues! I used frozen (thawed out) chopped rhubarb that was given to me.

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crescendogal July 19, 2006

I chopped my rhubarb pretty fine and then ran it through the food processor since I have gaggy kids who don't like the stringyness of the rhubarb. The first batch I made of this I doubled the rhubarb and sugar and messed up and forgot the next morning that I had, so I only added 1 can of pie filling and 1 box of jello. It had the most wonderful flavor, you could taste a hint of rhubarb through the raspberry flavor, it was a little thinner consistency but still acceptable as jam. I got 6 1/2 pints with this 'almost' doubled method. Batch number 2 I still processed the rhubarb the same way but made according to the recipe. It was delicious also. You really couldn't taste the rhubarb in it, I think I like it better than regular raspberry jam. I got 8 pints out of my double recipe. I think I will make my last batch with my "accidental recipe" I kind of liked being able to taste the rhubarb and it wasn't nearly as sweet, the correctly done batch was almost too sweet for my tastes, I will add a package of pectine to compensate for the thinness. Excellent and very economical way to use up rhubarb. Thanks for sharing this Incredible recipe!

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Treenickel June 09, 2006

When I sent this review I forgot to rate it. I'm on my second batch and this is SOO good, I've been sharing and giving it away. Its almost better than rasberry jam. I'd never known there was rhubarb in it if I hadn't made it myself!

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kmax June 18, 2005

Oh, this is good! I made it as written except that after I measured out the chopped rhubarb, I ran it through the food processor to make a smoother texture. My yield was only 3.5 pints. This is such a nice red color, even though the rhubarb I grow is a green variety (I was afraid it would turn out a murky brown or something!). I have made several gelatin/pie filling jams because various family members like them; however, this is the first one that *I* liked! They tend to taste like super-sweet Jello to me, but this tastes like traditional raspberry jam to me - fruity and fresh. Thank you - I'll definitely make this again!

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Vino Girl August 02, 2004
Rhubarb Raspberry Jam