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This is not a traditional Kuchen like what we are used to in the Dakotas. There is no custard in this. I think it is more like a rhubarb pie than a kuchen. We only did a few things different and that is because there was so much natural juice from the rhubarb that the bottom of the pie was a puddle instead of a crust. As directed, we stirred sugar into the rhubarb but then we also stirred in 2 tbs Corn Starch to help hold things together. We also let the rhubarb, sugar and corn starch mixture set for 30 minutes before we added it to the pie crust. Also, we used a slotted spoon to take the rhubarb out to keep it a bit drier. The first time we made it per the directions it was junk due to the soggy crust. The second time we made it with the modifications that I just mentioned and it was a hit with our church group. Thanks for sharing!

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deonrenae July 20, 2009

Gosh, I had a hard time with this recipe. It's entirely possibly that I did something wrong...but I too put all the sugar in the base...but I wasn't sure whether to press the bottom down into the pan or not as the last instructions called it a cake. It just didn't work well. I tried it, but it just kept falling apart on me. I'm sorry. Thank you for sharing this recipe. :-)

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L.A. Stewart - way upstate N.Y. August 27, 2008

This was voted a winner by all the family. I misread step one, and put in all the sugar, so don't get distracted while putting the base together. Super easy to make and the crunchy sweet base was well balanced by the tart of the rhubarb in the middle. Thanks for posting.

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JAD40 August 15, 2008
Rhubarb Kuchen