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Well KD, our shared concern Re the amt of liquid ingredients for this recipe was unfounded. The sugared rhubarb generates a fairly lrg amt of liquid. In fact, I was a little worried it might be too much, but I stayed true to the recipe except that I made the custard filling in ramekins instead of a pie shell. My 2nd concern was how the mixture would manage to be custard-like w/just 2 eggs & 2 tbsp milk. That was more of an issue. While it bakes to a custard-like set, it does not look or taste like custard. The texture much more resembles a fruit crisp w/o the crisp. All that said, it has a good balance of sweet vs the tart rhubarb, I liked it & it was fun to try it from a recipe viewpoint. IMO this would be very good if you were to skip the pastry & add the crisp topping component. You would have yourself 1 fine *Rhubarb Custard Crisp*

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twissis March 28, 2007
Rhubarb Custard Pie