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I had most of the ingredients on hand, included the special mold that I woundn't give up!
The cake was perfect and the dough perfect. This was a great change to the usual Rhabarber Wehe or the Crumble,
It looks also perfect and very attractive. For the jelly I used not the Dr. Otker brand and the custard was homemade.
Thanks a lot for this recipe.

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awalde April 19, 2012

The German Fruit Cake Bottom, German Fruit Cake Bottom turned out absolutely perfect. I designed and made my own baking pan, using a 9" fluted pan with a removeable bottom and then placed an 8" aluminum pie dish in the center, upside down, and filled with dry peas to keep the aluminum from collapsing. This gave me a deep center for the rhubarb. The red glaze (Dr. Oetker brand) was just great in the rhubarb sauce. The Rhubarb cake when completed, looked so professional, I did not want to serve it. However, it was devoured when topped with whipped cream, WOW! I would like to suggest that the German Fruit Cake Bottom recipe be added to the Rhubarb Cake recipe. It would save some time and you do not have to go through 2 recipes. Next cake will be a combination of Rhubarb and the beautiful fresh Strawberries that we have now. And will also make a great Strawberry Filling. Both of these recipes are just great. Thank you. "Uncle Bill"

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William (Uncle Bill) Anatooskin June 16, 2006

This cake was exceptionally delicious! I used a different brand of glaze, and it worked out fine, but I think Dr. Oetker's is much prettier. We loved the mild citrus flavour of the cake itself, and when topped with the rhubarb, it was heavenly. I topped this cake with whipped cream and we devoured it, it should have a warning: BEWARE, once you start eating this you will not want to stop!!! Thanks so much for a delicious, well written and easy to follow recipe.

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~Leslie~ June 06, 2006
Rhubarb Cake