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This was REALLY good! My kids were impressed with the presentation of it and both of them at this right up.

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tankgrrl13 January 07, 2009

Very nice. I followed the instructions as described. Unfortunatly when I went to take a picture of the layers after unmolding (which I had no problem with)the rice kept falling all over the place, so they are unfortunatly not visable. ;)

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Lori Mama June 23, 2006

Simple and yummy. I found our tomato sauce a bit too sweet because I did not have enough tomato paste on hand I used a little less than half the amount, corn free ketchup. Next time I would use only tomato paste. I didn't really get the simmering part since it was already pretty thick but I cooked it somewhat as I know that improves the taste of canned tomato paste. Instead of the dash red pepper I used a dash cayenne pepper powder, sea salt to taste in both meat & vegetables and when cooking the Persian rice which I soaked for some time after rinsing. I used a bit of canola oil to brown the onions and canned green beans (yes I used canned!) and added the hamburger (I used extra lean ground beef, adding additional canola oil) to brown in the mixture after the onions and green beans where just about done. Plus I used the rest of the ingredients. Rather than put a wet dish rag around the rim, I added a sprinkling of water on top of the rice before steaming. I did have trouble to unmold it though as the bottom layer of rice stuck to the pot even though I oiled it pretty well. This dish did not get the tadig (crispy rice on the bottom) I hoped it would but I am not sure it is meant to. I think another time I would first steam the rice at a higher temperature to start the crisping process for tadig, then lower the temperature. I will make this again probably using canned green beans again too but maybe fresh that I preboil. For some reason I don't like the idea of using frozen green beans in this rice, I think the texture wouldn't come out right. Made for SEPTEMBER NA/ME TAG!

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UmmBinat September 21, 2011
Rhonda's Iranian Rice