Reuben "sandwiches" in a Tortilla

Total Time
5 mins
8 mins

This is a great twist on rueben sandwiches and it's much easier to eat and reheat. I do not remember where I heard about this recipe or the exact measurements I just "eyeball" everything and I thought I'd give everyone a guess at how to start.

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  1. drain saurkraut.
  2. wrap tortillas in damp paper towels and microwave for 1 minute.
  3. heat oil in frying pan.
  4. in heated tortillas layer meat, saurkraut and cheese.
  5. roll like a burrito.
  6. fry on both sides in oiled pan until brown and cheese is melted.
  7. serve with plenty of dressing on the side for dipping.
  8. you can also add a bit of dressing in the tortilla while heating if you'd like.