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This is an excellent sandwich!!! What a nice surprise to see this recipe finally listed. Thank You!!...I am surprised to see that the "well known Reuben sandwich" is not listed anywhere as a Header??. I had to key in "Jewish sandwiches" to try and get this recipe???...(I am compiling a handmade Cook book for my granddaughter). I was taught to make this sandwich long ago by my neighbors back in San Diego and have made it several times. My husband and relatives as well as my friends loved it. I always use Rye bread though. If I don't have Corn beef (which what is traditionally used), I use plain slices of Roast beef and add some slices of Turkey, topped with the Sour kraut (which is a must) and Gruyere. I also use Thousand Island Dressing if I can't find Russian Dressing.

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renrcan May 26, 2015
Reuben Sandwich