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Prep 15 mins
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I have never been satisfied with store bought or ranch dressing recipes. This one is thick, fresh tasting and doesn't have that "mayonnaise" flavor. Tastes very similar to that dressing from that famed "aussie" steak restaurant if you add paprika and cayenne to it. This is my own recipe and I had a party and served it with fresh veggies and it got rave reviews. Hope you like it.

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  1. Mix all ingredients well and chill for about an hour (I used a food processor to mix).
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Loved this! I've been searching for a good ranch dressing recipe forever! I avoid MSG so instead of the Hidden Valley mix, I used Simply Organic. I don't like the dressing made according to the Simply Organic package directions, but I loved this variation! I also used closer to a tablespoon of the dressing mix.

RhondaW1 July 23, 2013

I absolutely loved this recipe!!!! I had been so disappointed in bottle ranch dressing... none of them seem to taste good anymore, so I decided to look on the internet and see if anyone had a good recipe for ranch dressing and found this... this one did not disappoint. I've been making this one ever since. I'm through with bottled ranch dressing!!!! Thanks for southern_gal12000!!!!

ladonna_ross October 04, 2009

Definetly better than bottled ranch, and I like that it does not taste "mayonaisse-y". I tasted it after an hour, but the flavor improved after a few extra hours in the refrigerator, so I would reccommend chilling for 2-3 hours.

AzMama17 December 17, 2008