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This does make for A GREAT TASTING PIZZA, says my other half & my veggie son & his wife! I made one with 'everything' on it for the 2 of us & the other one as vegetarian to please my younger relatives! It's well worth the time needed for the dough to rise! Thanks for sharing this great keeper recipe! [Made & reviewed in New Kids on the Block tag]

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Sydney Mike March 05, 2010

I have a great pizza sauce recipe, i've sussed out the most perfectly balanced and inexpensive pepperonis, i've got the toppins down pat, and I even found the best pizza cheese... but for the life of me my dough has always been a stinker. Knowing the cost of ingredients amounts to about 15 cents made it extra irritating to buy dough for 1.99. I finally gave up that perhaps it wasn't exactly, mostly-kinda the recipes' fault. The user was the problem. I tried this recipe first after buying a kitchen scale. Wait a mimute, it's sooooooo moist?!?!? Ehehehe .. yep, too much flour all those times. This recipe was devine. I even managed an exceptional thin crust. It also helped me make peace with the notion that I required a kitchen scale. It is now considered an essential piece of kitchen equipment. Thank you, thank you. And, it's delicious. :)

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lantonio04 April 11, 2015

This dough recipe is amazing. It makes 2 large pies, it freezes well to boot! I use 1/2 whole wheat and 1/2 white flower and the family and friends love it! Thanks! Our favorite pizza is what I call Turkey Taco Pizza. It's ground turkey seasoned like you would taco meat, cheddar and jack cheese, baked and then topped with lettuce and fresh chopped tomato. I'll post a photo next time we make it!

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Stuart H. June 03, 2014

The search for a pizzeria style dough recipe has ended! I have tried literally hundreds of recipes online, in books, and word of mouth and until this recipe I've had nothing but rotten luck. This recipe is as close to pizzeria style crust as you can get it home without having your own pizza oven. This is now my number one go to recipe anytime I'm in the mood for pizza. It has flavor and the crispy chewy goodness of a great crust. I used All Purpose Flour and had good results. But using bread flower with a little vital wheat gluten added it was spot on to my favorite pizzeria! Thank-you for improving my pizza to near perfection!

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Will M. July 19, 2015
Restaurant Style Pizza Dough Recipe by Weight