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YUM!! I have made this twice now. I prefer meatloaf in individual portions so I did stuffed cheese the first time and in peppers the second (photo pending approval). It is definitely my favorite go-to meatloaf recipe now.

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MRitchie47 June 17, 2013

Fabulous meatloaf recipe. Who needs breadcrumbs?! I don't measure the veggies exactly and add way more than called for. We can all use more veggies, right?! I also make sure there's lots of garlic and I don't use any ketchup. I use a little more half n half to compensate. I've done free form and have used loaf pans with similar results. The free form lets you cut off some of the extra fat, though, I wouldn't use anything less than 85/15 to ensure good flavor. This meatloaf will be more brittle than meatloaf with breadcrumbs, but it is so worth it. Just cut it carefully and serve with your favorite barbecue sauce. Delicious the day cooked and as leftovers.

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Pokie10 December 29, 2012

I have been searching for a tasty meat loaf recipe without bread crumbs, and am very pleased to have found this one. I also used only a small amount of ketchup and substituted some sundried tomatoes, and eliminated the half and half, as I am trying to minimize carbs. I baked it free-form as 2 loaves on a foil-wrapped cookie sheet and it came out yummy--my family, who are not carb-counters, liked it a lot, too. It held together quite well, and was moist. I will definitely make this again.

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joanalang September 06, 2011

I had made this once before and thought I reviewed it but I guess I forgot. This time, I was not pleased with the results (I thought I liked it the first time). It turned out very greasy and mushy. I cooked it in the loaf pan. I could not have cooked it loose, however, because the mixture was runny.

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evewitch April 14, 2009

A delightfully flavoursome meatloaf, which we enjoyed as much as any meatloaf I've ever made, and I've tried lots of different recipes! As Roxygirl promises, this meatloaf has a wonderful blend of flavours. I'm increasingly finding myself adding cumin to all sorts of recipes (including meatloaves and meatballs) and was happy to see its inclusion here. I used a pork/veal mix. The only changes I made were to use sweet red peppers instead of the green peppers, to omit the red pepper and red pepper sauce (personal taste preference), and to add 4 cloves of minced garlic (I minced the onion as well) and one finely chopped leek. It was on hand and I thought 'why not have 3 different onion flavours?' Next time I make this, I shall be doubling the recipe so there's lots for the freezer. Great recipe, Roxygirl! Thanks for sharing it!

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bluemoon downunder March 07, 2006

This was good, but different than the meatloaf I'm used to eating. Maybe it's a bit different texture than my normal recipe. I probably will make it again because we did enjoy the flavor!!

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Doglover61(aka Earnhardt) October 13, 2005
Restaurant-Style Meatloaf (No Bread Crumbs)