Recipe by Chef Yanti Tri Das

This food can be preserved for up to 1 month when cooked dry special recipe from West Sumatra Indonesia.... Favorite food and tasty

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  1. 1. coriander and finely grated coconut in roasted and ground smooth.
  2. 2. cut meat according to taste.
  3. 3. all spice finely milled.
  4. 4. saute all the spices with a little cooking oil. enter the bay leaves, lime leaves and turmeric leaves.
  5. after scented insert meat and stir.
  6. 5. then enter 1 liter of coconut milk, stirring until half-tender meat and insert baby potatoes.
  7. 6. when it is still hard meat looks dry, insert the remaining coconut milk little by little until the meat and potatoes tender.
  8. 7. when the oil had risen reduce heat and continue stirring until evenly basic pots, noticed the fire not to burn.
  9. 8. cook until it looks dry and blackish.

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