Renal-Friendly Beef Stew Homemade

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Recipe by Chef m2little400842

This is a low sodium, low potassium recipe. Serving size is 9 ounces. Phosphrous 188. Potassium is 420(half) per serving due to leaching of potatoes and carrots. Potatoes and carrots cut in large chunks and soaked in 10 times the amount of water for a minium of 4 hours reduces potassium by approximately 30 % to 50%. I always soak the maxium amount of time or longer to get the 50% reduction.

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  1. Mix flour, salt, pepper grilling blend in plastic bag.
  2. Put meat in the bag and shake.
  3. Saute coated meat in skillet w/olive oil.
  4. Put potatoes, carrots and onion in water to cover and bring to a boil.
  5. Add the coated meat and all drippings from the skillet in the pot with the vegetables.
  6. Cook until all are tender and serve.

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