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Sorry, sweet Dana, but I had problems with this recipe. It's too wet and sticky. I think the proportions are incorrect. I think it has too much butter and/or maybe you don't need to add the milk. I tried really hard with it to make it work but the dough is too soft and sticky to roll out or roll in a log, even after being refrigerated overnight. I was able to make drop cookies with it, though, after I froze it in the freezer. The cookies taste really yummy. Soft and puffy with a nice vanilla flavor with just a hint of nutmeg.

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SaraFish December 26, 2002

I used this recipe for sugar cookies for a Halloween party. Unfortunately, they were never eaten. The dough is much too soft and stick to be rolled and when I went to use cookie cutters on it they simply melted in my hand as I went to pick them up. I had to run to the store at the last minute to buy cookies from the store. Use this recipe at your own risk.

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TillyTherrien October 28, 2012

I agree that the proportions may not be correct, the recipe is very forgiving. I was about to make the dough into logs when I noticed that I did not put the egg in. So it was a good thing for me that the proportions were not right because I got the egg mixed in, used lots of flour to work with the dough to get it made into logs. It was plenty easy to slice after being in the fridge overnight. They baked up a bit thin but were very tasty. I would make these again leaving out the milk and adding flour as needed to get the right consistency. The nutmeg was a wonderful touch and I would add a bit more next time.

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eBeth July 12, 2009
Refrigerator Sugar Cookies