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I came across this in search of a new and exciting way to eat zucchini. Boy am I glad that I came across this recipe! Changes I made: I used around 10 sprigs of dill, and crushed/peeled the garlic. I also threw the zucchini and onions in the brine 1 minute before I turned off the stove. Once the brine and veggies were cooled to room temperature, I threw them into a ziplock bag. Which helps me save space in the fridge while keeping all the veggies submerged in this tasty pickling solution/brine. I let them sit for 48hours before indulging. (Let those flavors meld!!) Thanks for a unique recipe! Will be making this again today or tom for a picnic. Also, I took a few pictures which I will post in the next week.

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Rand0mH3r0 July 06, 2010

Very good! I wasn't too sure how these would turn out, but we loved them. Great way to use up some zucchini! Thanks for sharing.

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Larawithoutau September 23, 2010

I was looking for something new to do with all of the zucchini in my kitchen and stumbled upon this recipe and decided to give it a try. The 'brine' boiling on the stove smelled God awful and I was sure that I had just wasted a zucchini but I poured the concoction over my zucchini and onion sticks (I didn't read the part about *thinly* slicing the zucchini) and put it in the fridge to await the results. I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor when I snuck a taste just hours later. This is such a different recipe than anything I've ever tasted and I really like it! I've never eaten zucchini raw before but I can't get enough of this stuff! Thanks for a great new recipe that I'll be making every time I get zucchini! (The brine made enough to almost fill a 1 qt canning jar stuffed with zucchini and onion.)

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Krista Smith August 11, 2009
Refrigerator Pickled Zucchini Ribbons