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Wow!!! Wow! Wow! Wow!!! I used Anastazi beans, because I had them on hand. I used butter instead of lard. For the rest I followed the recipe. The flavor is incredibly complex, but not too spicy. Really wonderful. This is the kind of recipe you pull out to wow your friends. That's if you can bare to share them.

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Gardenforhealth January 30, 2008

I loved how simple this recipe was. I was going to buy some refried beans to go with recipe 8604, but I couldn't believe they were over $1.50 per can. So I decided to make these refried beans using my handy crockpot. They turned out great! I used bacon fat for the lard and added a few dashes of taco seasoning. The flavor is great! I will be serving this with my mexican dishes in the future. Thank you so much!

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JOY1998 March 11, 2010

These turned out great! I only used half the amount of cumin and may cut back a little more next time. I think I'll throw in a bay leaf while the beans cook and add a bit of chili powder at the end. I noticed these taste much better the next day. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

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Lucky in Bayview May 30, 2014

These were a great addition to a burrito. I used all ingredients but cooked differently. I quick soaked the beans, then after cooking mixed them with the KitchenAid. Thank you!

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drinkmore February 23, 2014

Awesome!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!! I just threw it all together out of the starting gate and added 1/2 a jalapeno too. So easy! Thanks a ton Sue Lau!

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932ninja February 14, 2014

I will NEVER buy canned refried beans again. This was so easy and so good. I had a Mexican Fiesta Dinner with 17 people and everyone loved these. Only change I made was I used about 1/2 tablespoon of butter instead of lard or oil. I kept my reserved juice and used it throughout the cooking process up until the time we ate. I found the longer the beans cooked, after mixing everything together, the darker the beans became like you get at the restaurant. With the little liquid that was left I put in the leftover beans and froze them to eat with the leftover tamales at a later time. Don't worry if your onions didn't saute all the way they will finish cooking in the crock pot. Oh, one other thing I did since I was short on time. I cooked the beans on high for about 3-4 hours before turning them to low.

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Lonna #1 August 12, 2013

I did this on the stove-top as I don't have crock pot and it came out wonderful. The beans need 2 hours on the stove-top. Other than that I followed the recipe, using lard. The flavor is excellent.

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Tea Girl July 18, 2013

I made these the other day, in my pressure cooker actually because my crock pot was busy cooking the pork I wanted to serve with it. I loved them. They were easy to make and delicious. I used the canola oil because it was handy and easy.
I froze the leftovers. Fast forward a week or so, and a friend is visiting after spending three months in Mexico. We're hungry for lunch one day, and I pull these out. She says they are like what she had in Mexico.
They are not as thick as, say Rosarita refried beans. Or, at least, mine weren't.
In summary, easy, delicious, authentic and nutritious. I can't think of anything else they would need to be.

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mrswoodchuck February 09, 2011

This recipe is great! I have made it now a few times, with both pinto beans and pink beans (a little harder to find, but my preference) and have had great results both ways. My only change is I add about 1/4 cup of salt to the crock pot water while cooking; but then you don't need to add any salt to the drained beans. Kind of like cooking pasta -- the salt gets sucked into the beans, rather than having to add salt to the sauce later. Thanks!

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Carol O' May 29, 2009

Ever since I found this recipe I no longer buy Taco Bell's beans in a can. These are cheaper and taste just as good, if not better.

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ayiti_cherie June 12, 2008
Refried Beans (crock Pot)