Refreshing Water

Total Time
2 mins
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The only thing I am able to drink because of diet restrictions is water so I made up this great water "coctail" to get me through the day. It's amazing!

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  1. First, slice your lemon and orange in thin slices (about 8 for each).
  2. Fill your pitcher half way up with ice.
  3. Add your lemon and orange slices. (in a decorative manner).
  4. Fill with your water (I use bottled).
  5. Pour in a glass filled with ice and about 5 mint leaves.
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Umm very good indeed! I added a little agave nectar to mine.

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This is a great way to think that you are drinking something decadent; I also add a couple of packets of Splenda to give it an extra hint of sweetness.Thanks Linzi Jo

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Here's to hoping Spring is eternal!