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This was fantastic! I made it for a family gathering and it was wiped out completely. Now my family wants me to make it all the time. PS: I mixed about a half cup of Coco Lopez Coconut Cream to the Cool Whip topping and it really was great.

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Andromedangel August 08, 2007

Yummy! I am not a cake/frosting lover, but this I love. I really am in love with the filling. I did make a few changes to fit my 3yr. old's birthday. I added the pineapple to the pudding/cream cheese mixture. Next time I would probably add a little coconut too. I made the cake in 2 round pans put the filling between the layers. I cut the rounds in half and turned backwards to look like a butterfly. I used the cool whip as frosting but I added food coloring and a little meringue powder. It made it a little stiffer so I could pipe some on the cake. I may add a little flavoring to the cool whip next time, I don't know... it was very good.

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AKPrincess3 September 28, 2007

Yum-Yum!! We celebrated Father's Day late and I made this to take to mom's house for dessert. It was a perfect summer cake...light,cool and creamy. I used all coconut cream pudding,skim milk and light Cool Whip. It was awesome! No wonder this is Bijan's cake of choice! Thanks for posting!!

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mydesigirl June 24, 2007

I made this cake for my 2 year old DD's Birthday - it was soooo yummy! Usually I end up throwing away left over cake, cause no one really likes cake around here, but this one was ALL gone the day after the party! I also squished the cake down using waxed paper (thatnks for the tip!) when it came out of the oven so all of the ingredients would fit on top. I used instant vanilla pudding mix but the coconut pudding was not instant, cause I couldn't find the instant stuff. I also added 1 cup of shredded coconut to the pudding / cream cheese mixture. It turned out really really well! I have given this recipe out a few times already! Thanks for the recipe queenkungfu - it's a definate keeper!!

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dkenny73 May 10, 2007

I made this cake for my mom's birthday. It was so good that my husband ate 2 pieces and then went back later that night for some more! I think it tastes better the next day after all the flavors have blended together. Definetly a keeper! Thanks.

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Redneck Princess August 09, 2006

This was very good, I didn't add the pineapple this time because 1/2 my family wouldn't have like it. I will make it again with the pineapple addition soon though. I made it in a 9 X 13 pan and had to "Squish" the cake down after it had cooled so I could do the layering. It turned out really good both with the squishing and without the pineapple. Thanks for posting!!!

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kzbhansen August 08, 2005

Queenkungfu, this was absolutely wonderful!!! I can't tell you how tasty and light this is -- yet at the same time rich and flavorful! We just LOVED the layers of this cake, and in fact, my kids kept taking more pieces before I could get better photos!!! This is a NEW and DEFINITE keeper in my house...In fact, I plan on making this for my sister's birthday next month! I'm so glad I tried it...It was so easy to make, yet seems like you've been baking all day! Thank you, Queenkungfu!!! :)

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Stacky5 August 01, 2005
Refreshing Pina Colada Cake