Refreshing Cooler

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Total Time
5 mins
0 mins

This is a more thick and creamy version of the yoghurt drink. It has great flavor. The amount of spices one uses basically depends on one's preference. The secret of the refreshing taste is basically the lemon leaves. Makes a great drink after a hard day and very easy to make.

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  1. Blend the water and yoghurt till thick and frothy.
  2. Make a paste of the chillies, ginger, and salt.
  3. Mix the paste into the yoghurt.
  4. Top with the powdered cumin and garnish with coriander and lemon leaves.
  5. Add ice cubes and keep for 10 minutes to allow time for the flavors of the spices and lemon leaves to infuse.
  6. Best served chilled by making a couple of hours in advance.
  7. Enjoy!