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I also added marshmallows below the chocolate chips, made really awesome treats! Probably really fattening, probably really bad for you, rot your teeth out, etc. But, yum yum good! If you put them in the refrigerator though, they are hard to cut.

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Laurita October 10, 2002

These are fantastic!!!! After I mix the peanut butter part together I chill the dough, take my melon ball scoop and make them into peanut butter balls. I then chill them again and dip the balls in the chocolate much easier (for me anyways;-) then cutting them into squares. It's also much easier for portion control too! Either way you wouldn't be sorry you made these. If you're a Reese's lover, as I am, you'll be in heaven. So what are you waiting for? Go get busy.

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nanapam3 December 18, 2010

I make these all the time. I have found that it's best to use JIF peanut butter instead of the natural kind because it's stiffer/thicker. It's also better to use chocolate graham crackers. I find that using those two are important in making it tastes much like Reeses but also the texture holds up better. If anyone is having issues with their chocolate being too 'chocolately' simply melt a TB of peanut butter with it. Also, its fun to get creative with these. I've tried them in various shapes and sizes. One of my favorite, super easy treats!

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The Veganista August 31, 2009

I made these for dessert the other day. I personally don't like chocolate and pb together, so I didn't taste them. My mom said they were delectable though and DH's friend said they tasted just like a Reese's PB Cup. They were pretty easy to make, the only complaint I have, and the reason for only 4 stars, was that they were so hard to cut. I was only able to salvage a few because when I tried to cut them the chocolate "shattered". I'm not sure how to cure that. Next time I make these I might try to put them in mini muffin cups to avoid the broken chocolate. Thanks for posting!

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shimmerysummersun September 24, 2009

i love the taste, my DH and his friend are Reeses lovers and I brought a ball of the filling out to them and there eyes light up and they freaked out. They said it tasted just like PB cups! And after I dipped them in chocolate, I was told that I had out done Hershey!

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Lady Morrgian April 20, 2009

This was a great recipe for making PB cups! I did adjust the recipe a little, as I wanted something a bit more pure in peanut butter taste. I used 1 cup powdered sugar, 1 cup creamy PB and cut the butter down to 1/4 cup. For the chocolate I used a blend of Ghiradelli candy coating and Callebaut milk chocolate. To make PB cups- 1)) spoon a line of PB mix onto sheets of wax paper and roll into a skinny uniform log, about 3/4 inches in diameter and freeze. 2)) Meanwhile line a mini muffin tin with #4 or #5 size brown candy cups. Pipe or spoon just enough chocolate to cover the bottoms, then shake the pan a little to smooth out evenly. 3)) Chill chocolate pan for 10 minutes in the fridge or until hard. 4)) Cut 1/2 inch slices from PB log, place on top of hardened chocolate in candy cups, then fill the rest of candy cup with melted chocolate. Shake pan a little to even out chocolate and chill.

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roweena December 13, 2008

I made them like real peanut butter cups. I put 8 mini choc chips in bottom of mini muffin tins. Melted them and spread on bottom. Chilled to set. Mixed filling and put evenly into cups. Chilled again. Put melted choc ontop and chilled again. Took to work and they were a huge hit. These will be on my xmas candy list for sure!!

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ruthbomer November 12, 2006

I work at a summer camp for kids and at first I was hesitant to make these because I wasn't sure if they would get tired of the sweetness of them...let me tell you-they LOVED them! I made 3 batches of 36 bars and every single one of them was gone by the end of the day. In fact before leaving work I still heard kids asking me if I had any more and one child even asked me if he could lick the spoon!!! Needless to say, if you like Reeses you will love these excellent copycats. They are a bit sweet though, so have plenty of milk:-)

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Rocio de la Torre August 14, 2002

These were very good. My pan was a 9x9 square which worked well for having a similar chocolate to filling ratio to actual peanut butter cups. I think the serving size on this is way off though. It says serves 6 and we cut it into 16 squares and found that to be plenty with how sweet they are. But they do taste like the real thing, only maybe a little sweeter.

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Diana J. September 22, 2015

Tasted like the real deal and my son loved it! Made it in leiu of a birthday cake for my Reese loving 5 year old. I used chocolate Graham crackers and not sure if it made a difference, but still yummy. Thanks!

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Chef Lindsay July 31, 2012
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups