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Simply a great dish, we loved the flavors, and went well with some beef ribs, and cream of potato soup. I liked the unique way this recipe went, and the kids really enjoyed this too. Made for Holiday Tag.

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weekend cooker July 27, 2013

I was extremely tired when I went to make this and misread the instructions and mashed all the potatoes (which took about 8 minutes to cook in the microwave) and of course when I got to step 8 I knew I had stuffed up but went ahead and made the sauce without some mashed potatoes in it, layered half the mashed potatoes in a small corningware dish as I had scaled back for 2 serves which adequately served 3 of us with the DM and I having a 1/4 each and the DS the rest) and then put half the sauce on top and then topped with the rest of the mash (which was stiff chunky mash) and then the rest of the sauce and then the panka crumbs though a lot more than specified and cooked as per instructions and was a very enjoyable potatoe side, thank you Lori Mama, made for I Recommend tag game and recommend by pammyowl.

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I'mPat March 13, 2013

Very good, nice and creamy. I browned some pork cutlets and put them between the layers of potatoes, they were perfectly cooked. I did forget to add the Parmesan, so after the first 30 minutes of covered cooking I mixed it with the panko crumbs and sprinkled it over the dish for the last 30 mn. baking time.. Thanks for posting!

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pammyowl November 18, 2012

Wonderful lower calorie potatoes!! I made this recipe to make one serving, as DH is out of town and hates Scalloped Potatoes, so I get in all my favorites while he is gone, lol!! We re-modeled our kitchen this past year, which included getting a new microwave, and it didn't work so well with cooking the few potato slices. That may be due to the reduced amount of potatoes and/or a more powerful microwave??? It really didn't affect the overall recipe, which I loved. As HokiesMom stated, a very different way of making this type of potato dish, which created more dishes then the way I normally make them. But the end result is worth it!! Thanks for sharing the recipe. Made for Holiday Tag Game.

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diner524 September 14, 2012

We absolutely loved these potatoes...for having less fat you'd never be able to tell because of the full flavor. The process was unique for me but it made such a wonderful dish! Loved the garlic and onions all throughout too. Perfect recipe and one that is definitely a favorite already! Tagged in Photo Tag.

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HokiesMom March 22, 2012
Reduced Fat Scalloped Potatoes