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Absolutely marvellous! Like Dorothy, I've stayed away from Alfredo sauces because they're usually so heavy. I used this recipe as a side with a German Pasta dish, and it was great! The only problem I had was: Since I'd scaled it down to 1 serving (there's always a limit to how much you can scale a recipe!) and was probably too "patient" while cooking, the sauce turned out a bit too thick and I had to "loosen" it up a bit with some extra milk. But I'm definitely going to try this one again... it's a sure winner!

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Anu November 26, 2001

This is good !! Love Alfredo but it is usually so heavy in calories. I put it over linguine and added some chopped black olives on top, also sprinkled some more parmesan on top. Used 2% milk, didn't have 1%. A very good supper, thank-you Jellybean, it will be a repeat!! Dorothy

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Derf October 05, 2001

I lost my low fat Alfredo recipe and was glad to have seen this one! Sooo much better than mine! This recipe doubled very easily. You can't tell at all that it's low fat! Unbelievable! The only thing it needed was salt. I served this over chicken and Penne with spinach.

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Kiss*My*Tiara March 06, 2003

I followed this recipe and it was tasteless. I was very disappointed. I added some salt and a little bit more cheese thinking that would help. It didn't. Maybe adding more garlic would help. I would not recommend this recipe.

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MMoore6765 January 31, 2011

This was good but not as good as I was hoping based on reviews. I followed the recipe very closely, the only difference was adding an extra tablespoon of parmesan. My husband was a bit disappointed because he loves alfredo dishes (the full fat kind). I give this recipe an A for simplicity, having ingredients on hand, and easy to follow directions for a new cook. The taste only gets about a B-. I ended up throwing some extra parmesan and some mozzerella into my dinner bowl and microwaving it for 30 seconds to get some extra cheesiness/flavor. The recipe is a keeper though.

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lmt425 August 30, 2010

sorry to leave a low rating, we just didn't think this was very good.

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cookiemakin'mama October 22, 2008

This is my go-to recipe for alfredo or any white sauce. Often I use half butter half evoo and gently saute the garlic in the oil for a few minutes before adding the flour to take some rawness out of the garlic.

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Chuck_Roast December 22, 2014

I made this to go over a chicken and veggie Alfredo dish I made up. I didn't have cream or cream cheese and didn't feel like a run to the grocery store. I made with 2% milk since that is what I had on hand. I added in some dried parsley, oregano and basil to the flour, and used a bit more minced garlic in my butter roux. The extra spices add some flavor and helped me from adding more salt, which I need to stay away from. I liked this so much better than the rich Alfredo sauces, as did my son and even my husband. I believe this will be my go to Alfredo recipe from now on.

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GoulashGourmet October 30, 2014

My review is long overdue. Sorry :( I've used the Reduced Fat Alfredo Sauce many times. The last time was with Zucchini Noodles Low-Carb (#341916) It was another "perfect match". The sauce deserves more than 5 stars & I would give them, if I could. It has also replaced my standard white sauce recipe because of: easy making, dependable texture, taste, flexibility of use, (Add a spice or topping such as chopped parsley, chives, spring onion or your choice) and low fat and low carbs. Hubby is a Diabetic. We have had to change lifestyle and "diet"! Thank You PrincessCalynn for helping us to make "Low Fat" & "Low Carb" easier to do and still taste great. PS: I use 2% milk. All I have on hand.

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gypsygal September 12, 2014

Amazing to say the least.

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AColeLO July 07, 2014
Reduced Fat Alfredo Sauce