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I made this recipe with teavana pineapple kona pop loose tea and switched unsweetened pineapple juice for the orange. I increased the water to 2 cups as loose tea does soak up a lot of water as it steeps. I'm not too keen on super sweet so i used a little under 3 cups of sugar. I did everything else as directed in the recipe and it came out terrific. I ended up with 2 half pints and 3 40z jars of jelly. I absolutely love this recipe, it is a great jumping off point for countless other tea jellies! I can't wait to try my pinapple tea jelly as a glaze on ham and feel like it would be tasty heated and drizzled over bacon as well =) This will also make for great gifts! So happy I found this recipe! By the way, this was my first time making jelly. I watched a bunch of youtube videos and stocked up on jars and pectin and gave it a go. This recipe is great for beginners and younger preppers to get started with.

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shelteredcreature August 09, 2012

This is a delicious and unique tasting jelly that I really enjoy especially on bread with butter. I made it according to the recipe as posted and was very happy with the results. It has a beautiful color and set up very firmly. I had my husband (who has never tried red zinger tea) taste-test it, and he said it tasted like raspberries. It has a unique perky fruity taste.

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Jxenja August 17, 2003

Made this using TAZO Passion-Herbal Infusion tea and it turned out awesome. It is sweet but has a tang to it. Did not use any juice. Excited to share over holidays!

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tinatoona October 24, 2012

Love this jelly!! I used Wildberry Zinger Tea. I also used Lemon juice and lemoncello and left out the lemon zest. It tastes just like the WIldberry tea!! Yummy!! It made 3 half pints and probably 1/8 pint. I put the little bit leftover in a little bowl to enjoy now. You could probably use whatever herbal tea you like.

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*Z* July 20, 2009

I don't often give 5 star ratings but I love this more and more as I eat it. I did use powdered pectin according to the package directions and the texture is a bit grainy... but the flavor is still great. I used raspberry zinger but I don't think it changed the flavor any. It tastes like really "zingy" red zinger tea. The extra zing comes from the orange and rind. I only used 1 Tbs of rind because it was fresh and strong. I'm glad I did because more would have been overpowering. The rind does cloud the color but it is SO worth it! I did not have any liqueur. BTW- This made 4 half-pints. I had considered doubling or tripling this in the future but while researching discovered that jelly has to be made in small batches in order to be safe. (boiling time would change) Probably you could do several batches back-to-back and process them at the same time.

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Chef Tweaker April 17, 2009
Red Zinger Tea Jelly