Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 0 mins

No one who has red wine + white vinegar always on-hand should ever be buying commercially-prepared red wine vinegar. Using this 2-ingredient 1:3 ratio mixture w/a 1 min prep is ideal for recipes requiring red wine vinegar & can easily be doubled or tripled to get a larger volume than 1/4 cup as desired. It can also be infused w/garlic or other herbs as desired. I use this a lot & just today discovered to my surprise that this easy-fix copycat was not in the Zaar data base. *Enjoy* !


  1. Combine both ingredients in a sml jar w/a lid & use as needed.
  2. NOTE: If you are infusing this mixture w/garlic or other herbs, allow to stand for a minimum of 3 hrs b4 using.
Most Helpful

Wow! Like many other reviewers I had no idea red wine vinegar was so easy to make. I will not be buying this stuff in the stores anymore! This was just too good when I used it in a salad vinaigrette dressing. I also noticed that I had a bottle of purchased red wine vinegar in the pantry with just about 1/4 cup left in it. I sat the two next to each other, dipped a little piece of bread in each to see how they compared straight across. This version was so much better than the purchased stuff - and the color was far more vibrant and intense as well. Thanks twissis for sharing this wonderful copycat. Congrats again on your Week 9 win in the Football Pool!

lazyme November 12, 2010

My biggest complaint about this recipe - Why haven't I been using this for years? : ) I ran out of red wine vinegar for a creamy garlic salad dressing that I was making. I remember years ago a coworker telling me that she makes her own red wine vinegar. I didn't pursue it then but I remembered today. This turned out great! And now that I know the ratio is 3 to 1, I can mix up as much as I need at any one time. The recipe says it makes 1 1/4 cups. But it should really say that it makes 1/4 cup of red wine vinegar. 1 tablespoon red wine + 3 Tablespoons vinegar = 4 tablespoons = 1/4 c.

Marie Nixon January 31, 2016

Simply delicious. I mashed three cloves of garlic and let them sit in a 1:3 ratio for about 6 hours. Delicious! Next time, I'll experiment with different herbs!

lborges175 August 13, 2015