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Good taste but some of the instructions are a little unclear. The biggest issue I had is the portioning. The recipe serves more like 8 -10 and changing the serving size to 1 will produce enough for 2 generous main courses or 4 - 6 starters. Nevertheless, this is an interesting recipe; I'd recommend it for the first course at a dinner party.

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racceber June 14, 2008

I tried the recipe for red wine spaghetti that you posted on this site and it was superb! I had to add more spices though...

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kassi F. January 15, 2007

A very different recipe! If you have the money and will power not to drink the wine I`d say give it a try. I did have a hard time cooking a whole bottle of wine and I did! I did use a good wine didn`t want the recipe not to be good! The mustardy, sharp broccoli rabe was nice with the heat of the red pepper flakes and garlic. I sauteed 6 cloves of garlic and pepper flakes in oil added fresh washed broccoli rabe to the garlic (I find no need to blanch it first and yes they were tender) then I removed it from the pan set it aside. I added the wine and sugar to the seasoned pan reducing it by almost half. At which point I added the pasta I used angle hair and then tossed the broccoli rabe into it. This was very good BUT I just can`t see me making the complete recipe again. I really enjoyed the rabe sauteed in the garlic, red peppers and oil. As for the wine it was really good but not good enough to make again. Thanks for the new experience!

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Rita~ April 23, 2006
Red-Wine Spaghetti With Broccoli Rabe