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Risotto is the best dinner for those days when you didn't get to the grocery store, as generally you have all the ingredients in your pantry and you are still able to produce an exceptional dinner. I was looking for a risotto to use beef broth as opposed to chicken broth (thought I was out of chicken broth, but after dinner noticed one in the pantry! oops!), but even though this one calls for chicken broth, it seemed that the beef broth would fit nicely with the red wine. It worked well, although I think the red wine flavor was lost due to the rich beef broth, but still was delicious! I loved the creamy, rich, taste and texture of the risotto contrasted with the bright, sweet, pop of the peas. I LOVE PEAS! Even though I didn't have any fresh parsley, a good amount of salt and pepper and parmesan cheese finished the dish perfectly. I did notice in the reviews on another website that most people used this as a side dish along with a protein, but I found it lovely as a simple but special weeknight dinner. Thanks for a keeper, and a great change from my usual Mushroom Risotto!

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Dans La Lune January 29, 2013

one of my favourites.. i always use less butter than she calls for, and more peas..

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hauckster January 06, 2008

This is a really nice recipe. I like to cut up some chorizo and cook it with the onion and garlic and then continue on. I will definitely make it again and again! :)

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trelawney8 November 05, 2006
Red Wine Risotto With Peas