Red, White and Blue Jello Shots

READY IN: 5hrs 20mins
Recipe by Demandy

Happy 4th of July! This will make enough shots for your party or barbeque. (About two cookie sheets full.) You can always experiment from here depending on if you have any other liquors in the house. Cook time is chill time. EDIT: I've edited this to improve the coconut shots. Also, Jello has started to make "Limited Edition" Pina Colada flavored jello which is perfect for the white ones. It comes out in a cream color and you'll only need to add water and liquor.

Top Review by Princess Flowerbrea

Made this for a 4th of July party, and wanted to bring something "patriotic". I am giving this 4 stars instead of 5 only because of the white jello. Out of the 10 people that tried it, only one was able to eat it. Everyone else spit it out. I added 4 envelopes of unflavored gelatin, but it turned out really, really thick and gross. On the other hand, the red and blue were GREAT. There were people taking 2 and 3 at a time..(LOL). Am planning on using the red and blue for every future bbq, company, etc. THANKS! P.S. Followed Little Mommy's advise and ordered those little containers online (Ace-Mart was the cheapest). Good idea since my son dropped the cooler on the way to the car. Just picked them up, dusted off the dirt, and we were ready to roll.

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  1. We'll start with the blue. Boil a teakettle full of water, and when it is boiling, pour two cups of the water into a clear pitcher or heatproof bowl. Add the blue gelatin powder. Stir until dissolved. Add 1.5 cups cold water (or equivalent amount of ice if you want it to solidify faster). Add 1/2 cup vodka (or more, to taste). Pour into individual dixie cups. Drop one blueberry into each cup, it will float on top.
  2. Next, the red. Do the same as you did in step one, but add 1/2 cup light rum to taste instead of vodka. Pour into dixie cups and drop a slice of strawberry or a raspberry into each cup.
  3. Next, the white. Start heating fruit juices to a simmer in a saucepan. Pour the room temperature rum into a large bowl, and sprinkle gelatin over the rum, avoiding clumps. Let it sit a minute, then add hot fruit juice while stirring with a fork (a beater makes it too fuffy). Add sugar and stir until dissolved. Pour into individual dixie cups.
  4. Set dixie cups of all colors on cookie sheets to cool in the fridge. You can stack full cookie sheets on top of one another. Chill until set.

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