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I was a bit skeptical that these would turn out at first... the dough was very thick and hard to mix. But once I actually baked them, I knew I had a recipe to keep! Delicious little chocolate cookies, and they really held their shape extremely well! Instead of single cookies, I put one on top of another with icing inbetween them to make red velvet sandwich cookies. MMM. My friends will love them for our Fourth of July party. <3

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firstmatekate July 04, 2009

I don't normally review a recipe but this was super easy and turned out fantastic. I added chocolate chips and cut the sugar on the frosting.

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Sara J. March 09, 2014

Great recipe wouldn't change a thing!

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bellcami September 07, 2009

I used Betty Crocker cake mix, it has a much more vivid red color. The cookies turned out beautiful. The dough was very sticky though. I did not make frosting, instead I sprinkled with powdered sugar. Also made blue raspberry and sugar cookies to get the red, white, and blue theme.

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Laura C. June 30, 2015

LOVED those cookies so so much! When I read the instructions on the cookie mix box, I almost made these cookies that way. I am glad I didn't. This recipe makes chewy and moist red velvet cookies and the cream cheese frosting was a fantastic touch!

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SharonChen January 27, 2015

Excellent!! I made these into whoopie pies for my son's class for Valentines day and wow, they are SO yummy!! I used Duncan Hines brand, and the taste is good but they really are not very red, so I will try Betty Crocker next time, or add more food coloring. I did not find the need to grease the pan with my pans. They soften up over night, and I think are better soft so make them a day ahead if you like them soft. I used all four cups of icing sugar to get the stiff consistency for the whoopie pies, and it isn't too sweet since you are using it for two cookies. I doubled the recipe and got 36 pies or 72 cookies, and I did NOT need to double the icing. The best part about these? They were FAST and EASY and they look great! I will be trying it with other cake mix flavors! Thanks for sharing!

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Jen Clary February 15, 2014

These are The Bomb!! OMG!! I did use 1/2 cup of oil instead of 1/3 cup omg so chewy and delicious!! for me I though they tased better the following Day that I made them im a huge red velvet fan so I will be most defiantly making these again! it doesn't get much easier then this recipe

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anniek36 May 02, 2013

I would rate higher if I could!!!! I dare say, these are THEE BEST cookies my husband and I have ever made, maybe even ever had! I am making my second batch today, I forgot to comment the first time. The dough felt very, very greasy. I thought that I did something wrong but decided to push on anyways without changing a thing. They turned out absolutely perfect so I guess it's just how this dough is. I would like to find a recipe to make these from scratch, but no one will know that these aren't unless you tell them. Plus they look so elegant. These would be perfect for a sweetheart or Valentine day, even Christmas. The frosting really sets it off! What I like about making the frosting, is you can control the sweetness. I'll split the batch in half, and do half the sugar with a touch more vanilla in one and normal on the other for people who like a little more sweetness. Marvelous, marvelous, marvelous!! What are you waiting for?! You could be baking these cookies and munching within the hour!! :)

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anitaTaco July 26, 2011

So I came across this recipe looking for a Valentines Day themed treat to bring to a party and fell in love with the idea! When I went to the grocerie store with my list of items to buy in order to make the cookies, there was no red velvet cake mix to be found! I decided to try German Chocolate Cake mix instead and added some red food coloring to the dough to give it a valentine flair! The cookies turned out wounderfully with a deep red color and a rich cocolate flavor!

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Erin Bean February 14, 2010

Red velvet is not a flavor that I've been familiar with in the past since I'm a native New Yorker, but after recently seeing a box of red velvet cake mix for the first time at the grocery store, I was intrigued. I was going to just make cupcakes with it, but when I saw this recipe, I knew I had to make it! This is a simple recipe, yet it is sure to impress! I may have baked my cookies for less than 8 minutes, we like our cookies very soft, but they had started to crackle just a bit. As far as the icing goes, 4 cups of powdered sugar sounded like way too much to me, I only used 2. This made for a delicious, perfectly mildly sweet frosting. I don't care for things overly sweet, but if you do I would guess the 4 cups would work great. I topped the frosting with candy heart sprinkles and they looked beautiful. I will make these often, thanks so much for posting!

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PatriotsGirl February 11, 2010
Red Velvet Cookies With Cream Cheese Frosting