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Let me say first off, I've had Red Velvet Cake every year since I can remember Christmas! I've always used my Mom's recipe, and this is the first time I used butter instead of oil. This recipe also calls for less sugar, less food coloring, and no butternut flavoring. I stuck to the recipe except I just had to add a bit of butter nut flavoring, and after looking at my batter, I added some more red food coloring. I like a nice "maroon red velvet" color. I also put the cocoa in with the dry ingredients and the food coloring in with the wet ingredients instead of making a paste. This recipe is exceptional, and I'll continue to combine elements from this recipe with my Mom's old recipe. Beautiful cake for Christmas or Valentine's Day!

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breezermom December 26, 2011

Just a note about the color of the cake. It depends on the brand of food coloring you use. Some are a muddy red and not very pretty. Others are a pretty bright red and make a beautiful cake.

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revelation3.20 February 16, 2010

Super cake, mersaydees! I've never had one of these before, let alone made one, so the first time I made it I followed it to the letter. The cocoa I used was quite pale, but wasn't dutch processed as requested. The resulting cake was a funny colour because of this. I also found the cocoa/colouring paste a little hard to work with and did not evenly distribute the colour. I made the cake a second time with a different cocoa, it is the same colour as dutch processed but doesn't say that it is. I also added the cocoa to the flour mix and the colouring to the buttermilk mixture, and found that much simpler. The only other comment I have is that there was at least a cup too much icing! But that was OK since it tasted good ;) I might have needed to eat some whilst decorating. I took the second one to work decorated with strawberries and everyone was impressed! Thanks for a new favourite.

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Chickee November 01, 2009
Red Velvet Cake