Red Tipped Leaf Lettuce Salad

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15 mins
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The recipe for this came from a close friend of ours and we make it a LOT simply because we cannot find one that we like more. I posted it here exactly as the original recipe was written.I have asked her for the recipe at LEAST a dozen times, and now that it is out on the site I will be able to find it! The type of "leaf" does not matter. I usually make it with fresh spinach.......using a 16 oz bag. You can also sub chopped macademia nuts, for the sesame seeds. Some times I throw in some crumbled Feta cheese too! The oranges really make it look pretty!

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  1. Mix all of he ingredients except the stuff you will put on top at the end,.
  2. Pour dressing, seeds and fruit over the lettuce just before serving and toss. Do not put the dressing on the salad until just before you serve it because it will wilt!
  3. IMPORTANT NOTE: ALTHOUGH the original recipe here calls for both celery salt AND regular salt, it is too much. Unless you really like salt, just use the celery salt amount!
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Delicious salad indeed. Red leaf is my favorite lettuce and it worked perfectly with the other ingredients. I especially enjoyed the orange in it. Made for PAC, Spring 2014.