Red Suspenders

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Recipe by Jellyqueen

This is an Adopted Recipe. It is a recipe that is a good one, but does have a little info added for fun. I have left the recipe just exactly as it was written, and there is one review that is kinda strange, but the recipe seems to be a good one. I will let you know as soon as I give it a try...Jellyqueen....For those who happen to think firemen are next to God....Please add one hot fireman to the ingredients list....

Top Review by Gold Medal Flower

I have left this review to my firefighting DH, the following are his words. :-) Although I have no formal culinary training, and have never been accused of having the most discriminating palate, I offer my only expertise in review of this recipe as the fact that I have worn red suspenders for over 20 years and NOT for the flair that they bring to my wardrobe. Essentially, I have 3 concerns regarding this recipe, and like jerks, some are bigger than others. My first concern is that none of the chocolate sauce was reserved for later "use". Perhaps this omission was a simple mistake, but I certainly felt it warranted being mentioned here. My second problem is with Step 3. I am quite sure everyone has a good idea of the most obvious ramifications of making a call of this nature to 911, but careful consideration must be given to ALL of the consequences. Think about the poor paramedic that also arrives at your doorstep to find a "patient" in tattered clothing that is stained red. Sure, he'll find out EVENTUALLY that it was strawberry sauce, but by then, he's already being called the "Whipped Cream Caddy" by all of his co-workers that he loosely considers his friends. You will also see more Chiefs than General Custer saw at Little Bighorn. If it doesn't get done before the Chief gets there, it won't get done for a while. We, in the business, have an acronym for the moment that a Chief Has Arrived On Scene. Go ahead - spell it out - CHAOS! That is what typically ensues after a Chief's arrival, so avoid drawing them at all costs. Any Law Enforcement professionals responding are easily dealt with by strategically placing boxes of donuts well-removed from the "scene". Make it easy on yourself. Instead of placing that fateful call to 911 and destroying some young paramedic's career, not to mention his self-esteem, just hang out at the grocery store with the aforementioned ingredients in your cart. When the firefighters arrive at the store for the dinner run, select one to your liking and politely, if not seductively, ask for a contact number just in case you run into a problem with your double-boiler while making the chocolate sauce . Be sure to use the wink, wink. My final issue is that the author of this recipe appears to be more well-to-do than the average firefighter. The evidence suggesting this is that he or she obviously employs a considerable cleaning staff to handle the mess this recipe will leave behind. Being a man of microscopic wealth, and therefore not able to hire a maid, I submit that you add either a shower curtain or wading pool to the list of required ingredients. In closing, I would like to say that I cannot dispute the reason why we wear red suspenders but would like to share the reason that fire engines are red. 1. There are 12 inches in a ruler. 2. The ruler of England is Queen Elizabeth. 3. The Queen Elizabeth is also a ship. 4. This ship sailed the oceans. 5. The oceans have fish. 6. These fish have fins. 7. The Fins fought the Russians... ...And that's why fire engines are red, because they're always rushin'! JMHO Captain Gold*Medal*Flower aka The Whipped Cream Caddy

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  1. About 1 hour before you plan to serve, place sliced fresh strawberries in a bowl, toss with powdered sugar and sprinkle with Grand Marnier liquer.
  2. 20 minutes before you want to serve, set icecream out to soften at room temperature
  3. If you do not have a hot fireman in the house, call 911 and tell them you have a fire that needs to be extinguished.
  4. Dump icecream in a large decorative bowl and cover with strawberries - be sure to scrape out all of the juice onto the icecream.
  5. drizzle the chocolate sauce over the strawberries.
  6. When you hear the fire engine sirens approach, dispense about half of the whipped cream over the chocolate and strawberries and of course save the rest of the can for your fireman.
  7. Open the front door --
  8. Serve.
  9. Q: Why does a fireman wear Red Suspenders?.
  10. A: So you have something to hold on to.

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