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Great recipe, I served it with mashed potatoes. I left out the green chili peper and the mango salsa was still really good.

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- Andy July 24, 2006

Very nice! Made this with fresh caught Red Snapper, called Pargo here. Instead of the hot chile and the vinegar, I used a chile and the liquid from Pique (Puerto Rican Style Hot Sauce). Yummy! I really liked the spice rub and will be using it often. The only change I'll make in the future is to pan fry the fish - we would have liked it better with a crisp top! Thanks so much for posting a keeper of a recipe!

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Jostlori September 17, 2013

Made this exactly as suggested, and added fried banana to serve. Really crisp, tangy salsa and overall a really lush meal! Next time I make it I'll probably add a pinch of cayenne or chilli powder to the spice rub to give the fish a little more kick.

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DamoB October 25, 2012

Fresh salsa over an intricately seasoned fish. There are a lot of tastes in this one, but they work well together. I used a pacific whitefish for ZWT7.

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realbirdlady June 18, 2011

Really good! I made this exactly as written, which is unusual for me... and loved every bite. The spice mixture on the fish adds a nice little bite of flavor to what could otherwise be a very bland fish. If you are new to eating fish, it could also help mask that "fishy taste" complaint that new fish eaters seem to have. The recipe didn't specify, but I used a sweet Hungarian paprika. The mango salsa was just to die for, and a perfect complement to the fish. I'd save the recipe just for the salsa alone. I was a bit worried that my mango wasn't ripe enough to use- but even though I might be disappointed eating it plain, in the salsa it's wonderful.I cooked 1/2 of a fillet- also 1/2 pound of fish- and it took 8 minutes to get to barely done (not quite one inch thick). If I was serving for company, I'd cook another minute, but this way, my leftovers will still be perfect after microwaving for lunch tomorrow. This goes straight into the keeper file. Made for ZWT7- Emerald City Shakers.

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IngridH June 14, 2011
Red Snapper With Mango Salsa