Red Snapper with Fennel & Mushrooms

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 35 mins

Fennel has a slightly licorice taste and the combination of this with the mushrooms and tomatoe & fish gives an almost haunting flavor.

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  1. Rinse the fish well.
  2. Cut 3 or 4 gashes on each side of the fish, from top to bottom Salt the gashes and the cavity.
  3. Heat oven to 450 degrees F.
  4. Push half the garlic slivers into the gashes.
  5. Rub the fish with a little olive oil and pour the rest on the bottom of a baking pan.
  6. Spread the lemon slices on the bottom of the pan, top the lemon slices with 1/2 of the sliced fennel.
  7. Place the fish on the fennel, spread the tomatoes, mushrooms, wine or stock over and around the fish.
  8. Add salt& pepper and the remaining fennel.
  9. Cover with aluminium foil and back for 20-30 minutes.
  10. Uncover and sprinkle the chopped feathery tops over the fish, continue baking until done apprx 5-10 minutes.
  11. To serve scoop the flesh from the fish with a spoon and top with the veggies and sauce.
Most Helpful

I love this recipe and make it about once a month.The only thing I changed would be using the juice of the lemon instead of the slices. Oh, and just chop up about a half head of garlic(small) and I put most in the bottom of the pan then a little over the fish.

valsh January 18, 2008

Easy peasy to make and full of haunting flavours. The combination of fish and fennel is delicious. Tomatoes and white wine add exactly the sweet and sour notes, which are necessary to bring out all the wonderful flavors of the fish. Not to mince or crunch the garlic is fantastic, because the thin slices in the gashes give just a slight note and not the too often overhelming taste of garlic. I have used red snapper fillets, because I couldn't get a whole fish, but it works perfectly. I think you could sub the fish by sea bream or sea bass. Thanks Bergy for another great recipe.

Thorsten January 16, 2006

Really easy and really tasty. Done with Sea Bream instead of Red-snapper, fantastic dish, although the fennel could have used a couple of minutes steaming to make it slightly softer (of course, our fennel had been in the fridge for a while and had probably gone a bit woody). All in all, Fennel goes superbly with fish - will be cooking this again.

bumpy June 20, 2004