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I used about 6 large garlic cloves and closer to 1 cup of onion. I did not use the olive oil (forgot it!), and used about half broth and half water. In a saucepan, I did the sauteing of the veggies and the rice, added the wine and let it cook off, and then tossed the whole thing into my rice cooker. I added the liquid and left it to cook, but came back to it 2-3 times during cooking to add more liquid (I had hot water from my electric kettle). When the rice cooker beeped to signify the end of cooking, I opened it up and stirred in more liquid and pushed the cook button again. The whole cooking time took about an hour. About 15 minutes before serving time, I stirred in a bit more liquid and the cheese, then put some fish in the steamer tray for the top of the rice cooker. I served the risotto over the fish with peas on the side, which I cooked in the saucepan I used to start the risotto, so this made for a meal with a pretty low impact on the kitchen (although it tasted like something far more involved). I guess it's not really authentic if you use the rice cooker, but it really simplifies things because even though it's a longish cooking time, you really don't need to tend it because there's no risk of boiling over, sticking, or overcooking. And you can just add broth/water whenever you breeze through the kitchen occasionally while doing other things. The only other thing I might do is stir in some baby spinach leaves right before serving for a nice splash of color. Thanks. --M

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Meredith C-ville April 29, 2010

This is a fantastic risotto recipe. I make risotto often and this was a great change from the typical parmesan/chicken flavor. I omitted the saffron and the dish still had a great flavor. I reduced the rice to 1 cup, and the liquids to a total of 3 cups; and that produced 2 large servings. Thanks for posting!

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mhoey November 28, 2010

Great! First Risotto I've ever cooked, and it tasted fantastic. Only complaint was that I halved the recipe to make 3-4 serves so I'd have some leftovers for lunch, but in reality I only got two serves out of it.

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hellboy1975 April 06, 2009

Delicious, though subtle, easy and very pretty! Not a dish you want to make if you only have thirty minutes, but risotto never is. I used low sodium chicken stock and found myself wanting to add more salt.

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EmmaRebekah January 20, 2009

Nice and simple dish,I added some dried herbs and red hot pepper flakes forflavor. Thank you.

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Arichka January 16, 2009

This came out really well. I've tried to make risotto before, using instructions on the side of bags of risotto rice, and it's never been quite right. The instructions were easy to follow and yielded a risotto that was 'perfectly cooked'. The flavour was excellent (but I used vegetable stock instead of chicken stock to make it vegetarian -- I only used half the concentration as I think it would have overwhelmed the flavour of the peppers. I imagine it would taste milder with the chicken stock). Also, the quality of the wine makes a difference. I used a citrus-y Sicilian white that added sweet, citrus-y notes to the risotto. I imagine an earthier white would be more appropriate.

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sbuzdug January 10, 2009
Red Pepper Risotto