Total Time
1hr 30mins
Prep 1 hr 30 mins
Cook 0 mins

Its red, its good, and you will want more! This recipe is a time saver. It uses chicken, but if you like you can use beef or lamb. I suggest making it double. Its that good.

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  1. Mix all spices in a small cup. Set Aside.
  2. In a food processor, puree all veggies.
  3. Fry garlic and lentils in oil for 2 minutes in a pan.
  4. Add Veggie Puree to pan. Sauté on med/high heat for 15 minutes. Stir once in awhile.
  5. Meanwhile, chop meat into 1/2 inch cubes.
  6. In Large stew Pot: Combine 2 c water, chopped meat, tomato sauce, pasta pieces and sauté mixture.
  7. Bring to a light boil. Let it all cook for 30 minutes on low heat. Stir occasionally.
  8. Add spices, chickpeas and 1 more c water.
  9. Dissolve flour in 2/3c water. Add to stew. Cook 10 more minutes.
  10. Add Milk. Cook 5 more minutes.
  11. Squeeze in fresh lemon and turn off.
  12. ENJOY!
Most Helpful

We just love this recipe. I don't mess with it much, except that I mix the spices in bulk & just measure out of the container each time (that's how popular this recipe is). It's a great primer for "hiding" veggies! Most people have no clue how many veggies are in it & kids love it! Even my picky chicken nugget & fry guy!

AyrinsCooking November 05, 2013

I had no idea what to expect when I chose this dish. I made only two minor changes: I added some cumin as another reviewer mentioned, and I used a bit of yogurt instead of the milk. It was pretty soupy, but I do feel this recipe deserves five stars. It didn't take the 1 1/2 hours as listed. More like a total of an hour, though I did use pre-cooked chicken breast. Thanks Dasha.

windhorse23 February 14, 2009

This is a wonderful recipe. My husband is Moroccan and loved it! I did double the recipe and I'm glad I did. The only thing I added to the spices was Cumin. I also substituted the water and used chicken broth instead. This recipe will stay in my " to keep" folder and will make it often. Thanks!

italiansoxgirl25 April 07, 2008