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I love this dish!! It is a great appetizer and feeds up to 5 people comfortably. The recipe calls for crab meat so I used the canned crab meat. (You can find this next to the Tuna.) When I first made them they were really good, but they were a little dry. So I melted some butter and basted the tops after they came out of the oven. And they turned out perfect!! The second time I made them I used a lot of butter while I sauteed the veggies. The recipe also calls for two cups of oyster crackers, but instead I used a cup and a half. This really balanced the recipe out more. So when I pulled them out of the oven they were really soft and moist, and delicious!! I will definitely be using this recipe again!!

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nyusupergirl07 May 30, 2010

WOW! This is just the stuffed mushroom recipe I have been searching for. I had to substitute fresh crab for canned lump crabmeat. Turned out great anyway. Thanks for this great recipe!

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AllThingsCooking October 15, 2002

These sure didn't taste like the ones from Red Lobster! Too dry and the cheese didn't melt and get all gooey like theirs. Disappointed!

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Dorothy Stahl December 07, 2002

These mushrooms were a huge hit! I did add an extra egg and a little extra butter so I didn't have any problems with dryness. I used monterey jack on top and a mild cheddar in the stuffing. I served them as finger food so I baked on a shallow baking sheet without the butter.

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Terrie #2 December 25, 2008

These mushrooms are great, provided you know how to "tweek" it. On the Red Lobster menu, it says right out "Monterey Jack" cheese. I found the stuffing to be dry, so I added melted butter and more water. I used colby and monterey for the filling and mozzarella on top, added butter and broiled and voila ... Red Lobster perfection! Thanks so much!

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scape2pa September 20, 2008

The taste was excellent, but the proportions were way too much! I prepared it just as the recipe called for, but only ended up using half the stuffing and had to throw the rest away. I put a clump of shredded cheese on top of each musshroom instead of a slice. It definitely was not like Red Lobster (I work there) but was still good.

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Jessica in Phoenix, AZ July 14, 2003

My husband said after my first time making this late on valentines, and I also was ill,

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lisa4648curtis February 15, 2015

My husband says even better than Red Lobster! Very easy. I think the author means to use two cups of oyster crackers- then crush them up. Not 2 cups of crushed crackers- causing the dish to be too dry. Very good and this makes a lot!

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Brittany S. February 12, 2015

I made these for Super Bowl and they were a great hit. I adjusted the recipe slightly as recommended by other reviewers. I added an extra egg, reduced oyster cracker crumbs to 1 1/2 cups and used 2 tbsp of butter to sauté the veggies. I brushed the mushrooms with melted butter before stuffing and used mozzarella cheese on top. I also drizzled more butter on top before baking. Baked 12 minutes then broiled a few minutes to slightly brown the cheese. They tasted better than Red Lobster's stuffed mushrooms!<br/>Will defiantly make these again. Thank you for a great recipe!

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RiskyBizzz February 04, 2015

Very tasty and quick. I used all the mushroom stems because I didn't have red bell pepper. I also didn't have any crackers (oyster or otherwise) so instead used about 1/2 cup flour to bind the mixture just until it would hold shape. With the rest of ingredients as written, this made enough for 37 generously stuffed mushrooms. I usually stuff mine to a small mound above the mushroom. For a sparse stuff, say flush with the edge of the caps, this would have easily made 50. <br/><br/>Instead of greasing the pan, I rolled each cap in a mixture of melted garlic butter, outside and in, (a tip I got from a different recipe) then poured whatever remained over the stuffed caps before topping with cheese.<br/><br/><br/>The best thing about this recipe is that each bite is full of crab, even though you are using just 8 ounces. Really great way to stretch a dollar without making your guests or family feel deprived.

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GuavaJelli September 28, 2014
Red Lobster Crab Stuffed Mushrooms