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If I could give this 10 stars I would! My boys were soooo disappointed when they ran out and begged me to make some more. I will make this again very soon! This recipe looks hard but comes together very easily. Thanks!

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mary winecoff December 26, 2007

Shrimp, bacon, cheese, and jalapeno's? Nimz is right, what is there not to like? A wonderful, delightful, savory appy that just begs you to eat one more. I followed this exactly, except for the dipping sauce I accidentally grabbed the horseradish sauce first, and then when tasting it, that tasted just good too. So I mixed 1 teaspoon of horsey sauce right into the ranch dressing and dipped away. The trick is to only cook the bacon a very short time, wrap soon, and enjoy the taste. I grilled mine on my pancake grill, 2 minutes a side. Added a bit of seasoning again after turning the shrimp, and you will see what piece of heaven you get on a cracker, rice, or a slice of tomato, like I served them here. Thanks Nimz! Made for *Potluck* Tag Game, Fall 2008

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm October 28, 2008

Wow!!! These are good! I made an error and over cooked the bacon- it crisped up as it sat so I was unable to wrap the shrimp like directed in the recipe. Mine weren't the prettiest- but they sure tasted good.

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cookiedog April 09, 2008

These were yummy shrimp! I also had to use shrimp that were smaller than I would have liked so the put-together was a little tricky but the end result was great!

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loof December 01, 2007

5 Stars Nimz !!! I handed DH his plate while I was making a photograph and the complimets were coming thick and fast before I'd clicked off the first shots. Jack cheese and Ranch dressing aren't available here so I subbed some gruyere, a small amount of mayo/herbs instead and I upped the coriander (cilantro) becuase we love the stuff. I sent DH out out for 2 red chili peppers last week he returned with an entire bag so I used one of those instead of the jalapenos. I made one slight change to the wrapped shrimp, I seeded and cut some chili into minute slivers and put a sliver into the stuffing of each shrimp as well.. not nearly enpough to knock your socks off but enough to give it the smallest of kicks as you bite though everything. DH couldn't find the extra extra large shrimp so we used the largest ones we could find and with some extra bacon I did about 20 of them... 10 each. Please see my rating system: a wonderful recipe that is a fraction fussy to prepare if you can't get hold of the biggest shrimp, but definiately worth the effort. If I hadn't taken the extra time to make 20, we would have felt cheated and been eyeing the last ones on each others plates LOL. Thanks for a keeper.. shrimp will be on our menu far more often from now on !

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kiwidutch February 03, 2007
Red Lobster Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Shrimp