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This hummus is really tasty! I have never made lentil hummus or really anything with lentils before today. I added a bit of turmeric to mine, to give it some color, since it was pretty much the same shade of regular chick pea hummus. I might add some paprika next time i make it, to give it a red color. Or, perhaps some peppadew peppers. I ate this hummus with the pickled peppadews I can get self-serve at the grocery store, and it was a much needed upgrade from the standard red bell pepper. I would definitely recommend this recipe to those looking to try out a simple, delicious lentil dish. My advice is to double the amount of lentils, use 2 cups, instead of 1, as I got under two cups of finished hummus, and to also let lentils drain for a good, long while, or your hummus will be a bit watery.

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shelteredcreature April 03, 2013
Red Lentil Hummus