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I love oysters and I love spicy, so I knew this was a marriage made in heaven on this recipe. Oh where to start with the delight of this recipe. Now we are coming upon Spring time, in Maryland (at least for a while) this usually brings an end to oysters for this season so we celebrated this wonderful seafood with this recipe. I love curry and most especially hot so we were all set. We enjoy oysters raw but I did place them on the barbie Q for just a little bit to bring a bit of warmth, although ~ I tasted this sauce with the raw oysters and we loved it even more. Either way, you cannot go wrong with this recipe and truly a delight to behold! Thank you Chef floWer! Made for *PAC* 2008

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm April 02, 2008

What a new way of doing oysters apart from the old kilpatrick or mornay. I loved this, few ingredients, really quick and yum, yum. I think I did almost blow my husbands head off with the spice. I love real spicy he prefers not so much and I forgot to tell him when I dished up that it was a curry topping, but after the initial shock he really loved them as well and wolfed them up. A real keeper and will be making again, probably on the weekend as I told my sis about them and she thought it sounded yummy. She is coming over on Sunday for dinner and we are off the fresh fish market for King crab legs so I am guessing a dozen oysters will be finding a way into our sack. Great Post.

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The Flying Chef February 23, 2008

Mmmm, nice and spicy but the curry, lemon and oyster juice go really well together and it still lets the flavour of the oysters shine through. I cooked them on a BBQ grill and didn't have any fresh coriander so used some continental parsely.

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Peter J March 03, 2007
Red Curry Oysters