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gueritabuena October 10, 2012

I definitely enjoyed this. Very simple flavors and not hard to make at all.
I used skin on bone in breasts but mine only took just a bit over 1 hour. However, I know that times are not written in stone. And all chicken breasts are NOT the same size. The cook just needs to check and I know that. So I took the chicken out, cooled a bit and shred.

2 notes. I used scallions chopped fine vs a white onion for the garnish, but mostly the white bits. I just liked the flavor more. But I did try it both ways. However, that is personal preference. I did like the crunchy flavor on top as a texture difference.

The other note. The amounts of the water. Now I was fine figuring it out myself. But a beginner cook may not realize that. I used a wide oval pot so that can vary the amount vs a stock pot type of utensil. The same with the water used with the peppers and garlic. It just needs to have an amount I think.
Also, you may want to give a rough estimate of the amount of chilies. I used about 9 and it wasn't too spicy for me.

But back to the flavor. Excellent, tasty, very good and comforting. Cilantro and lemon really compliment the dish.
I will make again. Very simple, fresh flavors and just a good soup. A definite soup worth making.
Made for Soup Fest 2011 Tag game

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SarasotaCook February 24, 2011

Oh, we loved this one! Today has been crazy with hail, wind and snow. I started this soup before going to get DD from preschool and within minutes of getting home & out of the snow, DS-18 & I were enjoying this spicy, hot, chickeny soup! Loved it! I used 8 chile de arbol peppers and after the first taste-test I thought it was plenty spicy, but after letting it simmer longer, the spice mellowed out a bit and I think we could have gotten away with even more chilies. The lemon and cilantro were perfect compliments to the soup and we loved the raw onion. Previously only using raw onions on chili, this was a nice change and we liked the texture it added to the soup. Thanks for sharing, Charmie! Made & enjoyed for the Topic of the Month forum's Soup-Fest 2011 tag game.

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**Tinkerbell** February 17, 2011
Red Chicken Posole (Pozole)