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I found that 9 oz. of Grenadine was WAY too much. It made it too sweet, so I only put in 5 ounces, added 2 more ounces of apple juice, and added a cup of frozen strawberries. It was way good than.

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TheXBD June 23, 2009

Loved it ! I found that the grenadine was a very nice addition to the mix, mine was bought in a turkish shop and I couldn't read the label but it had pomegranets on the label and was a totally new taste for me, but was lovely and I will be going back for more. My fussy little kids refused to eat a massive bag of oranges that DH bought and he's not much of the fruit eater either (WHERE DO the kids get their fussyness from? LOL) so I picked ..fresh orange juice..as my theme for My 3 Chefs and and very pleased with the result. Please see my rating system: an excellent 4 stars for a recipe that I very much enjoyed. Pity I couldnt convince DH and the kids to join me. More for me then, Thanks!

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kiwidutch June 17, 2007
Red Apple - nonalcoholic cocktail