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Love at first bite! I would label this a "proposal" dish -- a proposal would surely come after being served this dish. DH liked both styles of prawn, but preferred the spicier one (me, too). However, the "blander" one was quite excellent, too! This is the first dish I wok'ed on my Capital Culinarian, and I learned that I have to rethink all wok cooking times if I use the power of my range (which would sear and not sweat the food, like a true commercial wok). The wok ring I bought from Capital keeps the wok steady, but also makes sure that the gas flames cover the greatest surface of the wok. For our healthy appetites, this recipe might serve 3. DH and I had no problem wolfing down 100% of the product. This goes straight to my A-1 Rotation cookbook. Divine! Made for Summer Photo Tag game.

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KateL June 23, 2012
Red and White Prawns (Shrimp) With Green Vegetables (Yuan Yang X