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I only had a half gallon jug from milk that I rinsed out well and used. Mixed with the handle from my wooden spoon and it foamed a little but not near as much as it would if shaken. Washed a load of towels and they did come out static free and soft but when I washed some clothes I was a little disappointed. Things were somewhat soft but missed the fresh scent from Snuggle or Downy that I normally use. This fabric softener was thin because of all the liquid so I did use quite a bit more then I would have with the name brand softener. I think this would work a lot better spritzed on a cloth and thrown in the dryer as a dryer sheet, Using a funnel to add the conditioner to your container would be a big help. Made and reviewed for Pick A Chef - Spring 2013,

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lauralie41 April 05, 2013
Rebecca's Rosemary Mint Fabric Softener Non-Food