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Made this for dinner last night...it is very simple to prepare and a bit different from the White Chicken Chili I usually make. However, my family noticed the difference and asked if I would add the missing spices next time. I did love what the cornstarch and cream did to the broth though, so I will try this recipe again with the addition of my missing spices. Made and reviewed for the Feb.-March 2010/Special Event Potluck Tag Game

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Chef Buggsy Mate February 25, 2010

This recipe is a gem and a definite keeper. We loved the flavors and consistency. The spice amounts are absolutely perfect. The chili is excellent with the cheese and green onions sprinkled on top, so don't omit that step! I ended up using 3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, diced pretty small (we prefer to have small bits instead of larger chunks of chicken in our soups/chili). I added about 3/4 cup of water towards the end. Also, I opted to add another tablespoon of the heavy cream. There is about one bowl of chili leftover and I'm sure we'll all be fighting over it for lunch today! Thanks for this GREAT recipe. Yum!! ~Made for the Nov. Aussie/NZ Swap~

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LifeIsGood November 08, 2009

I'm rating this 4/5 stars just b/c it didn't pop. I halved the recipe and added a bit more of each spice, but still found it a little bland. I think once the flavour settles in overnight, it will be great tomorrow. Thanks for your recipe, it was a fabulous combo of ingredients, allowing me to use leftover things I didn't want to waste.

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Chef Pollo June 19, 2008

This is a pleasantly original kind of recipe!! I also loved, like Stardustannie, the use of cornmeal as a thickener, and will remember it as an excellent kitchen hint! I didn't substitute anything, except I didn't have cannelini beans and had to use chickpeas/garbanzos, which is a bean sort of thing anyway. I left the casserole in the oven for quite a while (I wated to take the pictures in daylight) and like all casseroles it got better on standing, because the flavours develop. Use the cumin and coriander generously, but do make sure yours are fresh. When ground, these spices lose their flavour quickly. Also, I fried the spices along with the onion first of all, as that brings out their flavour. I did have creme fraiche, but used a heavy cream which, surprise, was long past its use-by date but was still quite fresh-smelling and tasting. I used red and green jalapenos, which are nicely hot but not too hot for my DH, who doesn't like bitingly-hot chili dishes. A really great dish, and I think the leftovers are going to taste even better tomorrow! Thanks, Bethy!

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Zurie January 06, 2008

Went down a treat with the whole family. I added extra jalapeno but otherwise made exactly as directed. I loved the idea of using cornmeal to thicken. Thanks for sharing ....a quick n easy mid week meal!

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Stardustannie August 31, 2006
Rebecca's Favorite White Chili With Chicken