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This was a delicious sandwich. As a personal preference, I used a sweet red pepper. Otherwise I stuck to the recipe. I loved the sauce. This tasty concoction was very good with crusty bread. Thanks for posting this recipe.

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Miss Fannie May 08, 2013

Truly a delicious change of pace. The only things I did differently from the stated recipe, was I cut down the cola to 3/4 c and the maple syrup to 1 teaspoon (since I was using genuine maple syrup, not the squeeze bottle kind). I was afraid of it being too sweet. It turned out wonderful! I will definately make this again, it was very easy to prepare. I would suggest that you lightly freeze the meat for easier slicing, then cut it against the grain on a bias. Oh yes... I did chop the peppers and onions, browned them the same time along with the beef, and threw everything into the sauce to cook the entire 20 minutes. I served this on french rolls along with coleslaw and chips. Thank you for posting this recipe. I have it saved. (Made for PRMR - Spring 2013)

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rosie316 April 07, 2013

I like to see and make recipes with just the necessary ingredients to make a good dish, so I
decided to make this tasty bbq sauce and we enjoy it with the beef sandwiches, so this is another favorite that will make again. I used "Next" Pepsi (with only 60 calories), add one chopped garlic clove instead of the garlic powder. Thanks for this recipe Chef, and good luck in the Dining of a Dollar Contest.

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pink cook March 03, 2013

My dh & I really enjoyed this tasty, quick and easy to make dish. It was excellent, full of different flavors. The sauce was wonderful, the meat was tender and the toasted bun was the perfect base for this lovely sandwich. The ketchup was wonderful in this dish, prominent but not overpowering. Great use of contest ingredients, good luck in the contest.

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Baby Kato March 02, 2013

I liked this recipe except for the maple syrup. It was a bit overpowering for my taste. I also reduced the amount of Pepsi because it would have made the mixture too runny had I added the full cup. I ended up adding a generous half cup and the consistency of the mixture was great. I did like the recipe otherwise and will use it after the contest with a few modifications. I will not use the maple syrup and I will add onions and fresh minced garlic to the mix. Pretty good, though! Definitely a filling and quick meal.

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PinBox March 02, 2013
Really Easy BBQ Beef Sandwich's